Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A weekend of gorging myself to the point of explosion

Okay, I know the title sounds gross but it was true. Last weekend, I ate so much that I was miserable and close to regurgitation. I really don't understand why I eat so much even though I keep telling myself not to. I guess some foods are just too tempting and delicious to stay away. Well, so what did I feed myself over the weekend?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Easy Delicious Spinach Peas Carbonara Pasta for Dinner!

I've noticed that I eat out almost everyday for at least one meal, so today was all about eating at home.
I had some leftover pasta salad for lunch and when dinner time came I was lazy and tired already. I didn't want to waste money and buy something but I was definitely hungry. I rummaged through the fridge to find something edible... Well, no more leftovers, so I have to make something... I pulled out a bag of baby spinach, a chunk of butter, an egg, milk, garlic, and frozen sweet peas. I found a bag of opened fusili pasta and hesitated for a bit because to cook pasta would mean an extra pot to clean. I could've just had creamed spinach and peas... or have it with pasta... I ended up making the pasta so that my sister could take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! (I know, aren't I sweet? Haha)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nyala - Ethiopian Cuisine

I am pretty open to trying new things and different cultural foods, so I was pretty excited when my friend invited me to try Ethiopian cuisine for a friend's birthday lunch. So off we went to to Little Ethiopia in L.A to Nyala! 
Nyala is a medium size restaurant decorated with African colors and drawings. We were the only table there at 12pm but a few other parties came after awhile. I looked up their menu online before lunch and I already made up my mind. I ordered the fish Asa Tibs - white fish with sauteed onions, tomato, garlic, and red pepper. I also got a glass of Ethiopian Honey wine. Our entrees come with flat pieces of pancake like bread... At first sight they actually look very yummy, kind of like  the chinese scallion pancakes that my mom makes. So, I took a piece and with my hands (Ethiopian tradition) I picked up some of my fish and tasted it. Wow, that bread was really sour! It's very hard to explain that tase because it's not like sourdough bread or yogurt... Well, after taking some time to get use to, it wasn't so bad. My fish? I like the taste of it. Very flavorful and kind of like Chinese sauteed dishes. It woud've went well with a bowl of rice too! My honey wine was far too sweet for my taste and pretty strong too. I have to admit their service was rather slow... for we were waiting and waiting for them to take our orders, bring our orders, clean up, and bring our cake. 

Overall, it was an interesting experience. Some of my friends could not get over the idea of eating with our hands only but, some were really open in trying and having fun. So maybe we'll be back one day~ 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What happens in Vegas stays on this blog !

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is true, but I really want to share what I ate in Vegas!
This is my third trip to Vegas in a year and this time we went for my BiRtHdAy ! I was a very lucky lucky birthday girl this year !

We left on Sunday morning and arrived just in time to meet up with some friends for lunch at the Bellagio Buffet. This is one buffet that I always go to. I really like Bellagio's buffet because the price is actually very good for the quality of the food served. My favorite is their cocktail shrimp - big succulent shrimps! The desserts are pretty good too!

I do love buffets even though I hate how it makes me feel so big afterwards... at least one meal fills me up pretty much the whole day! After chilling by the pool we went to Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay. Minus 5 is a lounge that is completely furnished by ice. The walls, seats, tables, glasses are all made with ice. Fur throws are used to cover the seats. We purchased the $35 package - admission and 2 cocktails. They also provide parkers, gloves, and booties. So we bundled up and went inside. It's actually very small inside with about 4 areas that fit 4-5 people... and it was COLD! I do recommend to bring your own gloves. After being in there for 15 minutes I had to step outside to warm up. I'm so glad I brought my own wrap and gloves because I honestly felt that my fingers were going to freeze off. Minus 5 originated from New Zealand ! Yay NZ ! and the bartender claimed that the glasses are made from Artesian water shipped from NZ. They offer about 6 different kinds of cocktails mainly featuring Vodka. I had the Snowflake (good) and the Freezing Apple (not bad). We hovered around and played games! It was crowded most of the time so the vibe was pretty good. At the end, we took a shot each off a ski. It has four shot glasses mounted. My friend ordered Jack Daniel shots @@" and every crowded around to watch the four of us drink it at once. Unfortunately no cameras/phones are allowed inside so no photos from me... However, it was definitely a COOL experience and I had a great time hanging out with my friends. So I definitely recommend it if you want to get out of the heat and into the cold. Just bring a scarf or warm gloves and you can party it up as long as you want!

The cold definitely zaps energy from the body! We were all hungry when we left Minus 5, so we went to PINK'S hot dog at Planet Hollywood. Pink's is definitely a great choice after drinks or clubbing! I think their menu is same/similar to the Pink's in Hollywood. I had my usual - mushroom swiss hotdog. 

Actually the purpose of this Vegas trip was to celebrate my birthday. So, on Monday night for my birthday dinner we went to one of Caesar's Palace restaurants - Trevi. Trevi is an Italian restaurant located by the big fountain with all those statues. We sat on the patio so we could see that fountain and dine next to naked gods! (Just kidding...) He wanted to try Polenta fries (main reason why we came to Trevi, I wanted to try Paris's Mon Ami Gabi), so we ordered that as appetizers. I got the Linguine blah blah blah blah blah  - long italian name that I can't remember but means Fruits of the Sea with linguine pasta. Fruits of the Sea/Ocean includes - lobster, shrimp, and scallops. He ordered a pizza with chicken, spinach, and garlic (very predictable). I have to say the pasta for $26 is actually a good price. There were many bite size lobster pieces as well as shrimp and small/medium scallops. However, I didn't really like the cream sauce for the pasta, maybe a lighter white wine garlic sauce would've been less overwhelming. In the end, I got a free birthday cake - chocolate lava cake with ice cream (it was so good!). I also got a photo card (a very smart manager came by to take a photo for us with our own camera and he sneaked one in his - I wondered why he took our picture with his camera...) well, i know now, it's a photo of us and they even signed it! Overall our bill came to $70+ which was pretty reasonable considering that I got free dessert :D!

Whenever I visit Vegas for 2nights/3days, I think that it's not long enough. Well this time, we went for 3 nights/4days and not only I feel that is not long enough, I feel like it went by even quicker and that I did less...

On our last day, we went to the Buffet at Aria. Last time we stayed at Aria but did not get time to try it out. We got there around 10:40 but there was a line and by the time we got to the cashier it was 10:59 - we just made it in time for the breakfast price ($15). I was actually looking forward to breakfast but when I got in line for food all the breakfast stuff were switched off... At Aria, they offer King crab legs all day and they can even steam it for you. Aria is more of a world flare buffet, there's mexican, indian, chinese, italian, as well as the usual steaks, lamb, and turkey. Their dessert section is not as large as Bellagio's buffet but they make it up with a ice cream stand. I also really liked the fresh naan bread with curry. Overall, I enjoyed the buffet and thought that it was definitely worth the price. The furnishing of the area is also nice and bright. If you sit by the side windows you can view their pool area as well as other sun bathing travelers =P

Monday, August 9, 2010

Savoy - Hainan Chicken Rice

If you live around the Alhambra area, you may already know of a tiny restaurant that sells Hainan Chicken rice. Yes, the place is called Savoy. I would assume that many people already know of this restaurant. None the less, last week when I still went, I thought I would take some photos and share with you guys.