Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eyes Lips Face

I did a mini order from eyeslipsface - e.l.f a couple of weeks ago and it arrived on friday. I was excited because I waited for awhile. It's a mini order because I used the spend $15 for free shipping instead of $25 for free shipping. If you are familiar with the ELF you'll know how CHEAP their stuff are. So for me to accumulate $15 was a bit of a mission.

Well, my package came in one of those large envelopes. Inside, the 32 color palette was wrapped in a bubble wrap. I saw some specks on the palette but I didn't open it right away until at night. Well, what do you say, one of the shadows broke completely and scattered all over the rest of the colors including the outside of the case! So, the light colors are now tainted with this dark blue green color. E.L.F really has to fix the way they package products, especially dealing with palettes! Perhaps bubble wraps, polyester balls, and a proper shipping box.

Well, the other stuff I got in case you are curious...
A studio eyeshadow C Brush - feels nicely packed and soft.
A studio Lip Balm in peaceful pink. SPF 15/
A studio tinted moisturizer - SPF 20.
A e.l.f shimmering facial whip in lilac petal.

All these for $15 ! and free shipping! I'd been a happier camper if the palette didn't break like that :(

**P.S - I emailed ELF abt my broken palette and they mailed me a new one :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aoyama Cafe

On the same day after Stinking Rose, we somehow made our way to Rowland Height's Aoyama Cafe with our garlic stuffed stomachs...

Well, I ordered a nice UCC Coffee and a Strawberry French Toast. Interesting... but apart from the coffee, it was not authentic.

Obviously, and most likely Taiwanese owned (nothing wrong with that), therefore, the food lacks a little oomph. Just a touch of that magical sprinkle.

Photos shall follow shortly... (still in iPhone)

What stinks but tastes so good?

What stinks but tastes good?

Garlic! Of course.

Yes, we went to Garlic Joe before, but our love for garlic has not been fulfilled. So we searched some more.
Alas, what's this?
Stinking Rose? Strange name...
All about Garlic? Oh, we are so going.

Yes, I know Stinking Rose has been around for ages and we've been meaning to go since ages ago too. Well, we've finally went.

One advice, skip that Garlic pot appertizer - Just eat the bread and that free jar of garlic heaven.
One more advice - order that PRIME RIB - it's not just heavenly, it's beyond heavenly divine.

Sorry, FINAL advice - do not eat a ton of raw/cooked garlic, and then order a ice cold COKE. BIG BIG BIG mistake. I've never been so sorry in my life.

The... Boneless Rib Entree... it has a proper name...

Star of the post! 

It was nothing extraordinary.

I can make the same thing...

Sinbala - Taiwanese Food

There's plenty of posts to write, so I'll be keeping most of them short!
Sinbala is a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant located in Arcadia, and one in Rowland Heights. They serve the typical pork chop rice, chicken leg rice, chicken popcorn, and some other "night market" foods you find in Taiwan.

So we visited with some friends who came from Taiwan and were starting to feel homesick from eating burgers and vegas buffet (I really don't understand)... but they wanted Taiwanese food from LA. We ordered a range of food for everyone (6) to share. The photo shows everything. It's quite a lot and surprising filled us all. Well you know, everything in the U.S is supersized somehow...

Most notable for me is their chicken popcorn, chicken poppers, what ever you call them. The tastes resembles the real deal!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nom nom nom

I've been pigging out a lot lately so I do have a lot of things to write about! But procrastination has taken over my blog.