Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Update

Merry Xmas y'all ~~~ We were in Vegas from the 22nd to the 25th so there are lots to catch up on!

Let's see... on the 19th Sunday, for my bf's bday we went to Hae Jang Chon for KBBQ ( I had planned a surprised party so we were late for our reservation they gave our table away and we had to wait another hour. So beware that they give away your table after 15 mins of your reservation time... We were pretty much starving by the time we got to sit. I really love brisket and short ribs! They have four kinds of sauces to dip. I usually use rice paper and daikon to wrap my brisket which I dip into oil and salt. For me, that's the best way to eat KBBQ~~~~

On Monday night, I received a great surprise from YING ~ A package came for me and I was scratching my head thinking when I had ordered something online... So, I opened it up and found a Hello Kitty Toaster !!!! The funny thing was that earlier that day, my dad said we should get a new toaster and I told him that a hello kitty one would be cool so we can see her face everytime we eat toast! So that night, I had a huge surprise when I saw a Hello Kitty Toaster!!! Thanks Ying~~~~~~~

On Wednesday night, we started our Vegas trip! We stayed at the Mirage for 3 nights and 4 days. We ate two buffets - The Buffet (Aria) and Wicked Spoon (The Cosmo). We love Aria because they serve king crab legs all day long! Wicked Spoon is new so we thought we should give it a try. They have a wide variety of food from dumplings, dim sum, sushi, pasta, meat, to gyro and mexican. The dessert area looked really tempting and we were staring at it throughout our meal. Here comes the however, the actual taste were meh ... I recommend their gelato in waffle cups and chocolate dipped strawberry. The macaroons were awful and the xmas log cake was overloaded with sugar!

We had a pretty laid back trip this time, mostly just stayed in the hotel and played slot machines (me) ~ We also watched the spectacular Lion King Show! We ate at Grand Lux Cafe (Palazzo) and didn't have a very nice experience... Our waitress came over without introducing herself so I don't know her name... and then she was super weird, speaking in a very slow and soft voice when I asked her questions... I was just joking that she's probably high and my friend said her eyes were super dilated. So we referred her as the dilated pupils girl since we didn't know her name. She forgot our bread and was gone for so long until she brought out our food. Then we had another waitress because she had to go to the "airport". Who knows where she went ~

We also went shopping at the outlet and I got a sweet deal at FCUK - they were closing down and had a 70% additional discount! I also got a new ceramic watch at DKNY but need to get the straps fixed :(
On Xmas eve, we went clubbing! Unfortunately, we went to TAO and they said that there was a middle eastern event going on so there will be lots of middle eastern music and it's gonna cost $50 to get in. Er, no thanks, so we went to LAVO where we had free entry :D Lavo is extremely small! When we first got there it was so empty that we went down to the bar to drink and eat calamari. When everyone came we went upstairs and it was SUPER packed ><" Still we had heaps of fun despite my sore feet!! Towards the end they started playing middle eastern music... I really don't know why but there must be some middle eastern event going on in Vegas that weekend~ Time really flies when you are on holiday. Our trip was over so fast but it did feel like I was gone for a long time.

The Buffet @ Aria

Fat Tuesday - Bellini and Strawberry!

Grilled Salmon lunch

Chicken Jambalaya

View from our room

@ The Cosmopolitan

Looks so good but didn't taste so well 

Egg Shell with mango mousse inside - just like a boiled egg

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Favorite Lip Products

Here are a few of my favorite lip products from lip balms, lip glosses, to lip sticks.
I used to love using lip gloss a lot but as I've gotten older, the glittery and shine just isn't suitable all the time, so I saved those for special occasions. Since I'm so lazy, I usually just put on lip balm and skip lip stick for day time :P Still, I love getting lip sticks!

Let's start with Lip balms:

My #1 Favorite Lip balm is actually not shown here because it's all used up! It's the Clinique - Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment ($25) - my all time favorite because it's very moisturizing and truly makes my lips soft and hydrated.
So shown here is my current #1 - the Dior Addict Lip Glow: similar in texture to Clinique's but this one is unique because it's like SB's O-Glow which can create a slight pink to the lips which is cute!
#2, 3, and 4 are lip balms I use daily that provides moisture but are require frequent applications. I don't really prefer Kiehl's because it just looks like vaseline in a tube (which really is...) but alas, it's a lip balm.

My favorite lip glosses - more like a collection since I hardly use them !
Most of my lip glosses are similar in color - champagne pinkish with shimmer. I really like the Smashbox Illume because it's not sticky like the Givenchy one. Actually the Givenchy one is a few years old now! I really don't use it anymore but I just love the packaging so much! There's lace pattern around the tube! The NYX one has no shimmer in it and it's a nice nude color but it smells a little too funky for me... and the little tube is by Majolica Majorca, it says honey pump gloss on the tube and it's a clear pink with shimmer. I won't classify this as a lip plump but it does fill up lines and make lips appear glossy and fuller.

Lipsticks! I used to hate the smell of my mother's Chanel lip sticks but I guess this goes away with age...

I really wanted to get the Chanel Rouge Coco but it's really too pricey! So I found a great subsitute - the Victoria Secret Matte lip sticks (which very unfortunately they don't carry in stores anymore!!) the VS in Breathe is 95% matching to Rouge Coco #4 and it's only ~$10 ! What a bargain~
I read once in a blog that VS uses the same cosmetic producer as Chanel... (so maybe that explains the resemblance??) Either way, I'm happy with VS color. Whenever I smile, my gums tend to show too, so this color is close to my gum color and eliminates the sharp contrast of lips and gums!

I also love my Lancome Color Fever Shine in Rekindle - I bought this one because I just love how the model wore it on the Lancome ads (you might recall?) It's a nice pop pink on the lips for a night out!

When I was a teenager, I loved pale nude lips (I think that was fashion back then...) so, I still love looking pale with nude lips! Revlon's lipstick in soft nude is a great color and also a great quality lipstick !

So there you have it, my lip product favs! I've accumulated so much lip products over the years, it's really hard to pick favorites because they are all useful or cute in some ways!

Maybe I will update with swatches in the future :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010


No, I don't have a stitch right now. This is my Stitch collection! Most people should know Stitch from the Disney movie - Lilo and Stitch. So in the photo you'll see my Stitch plush, stitch cellphone accessory, Stitch Happy Birthday plush, Stitch Vinylmation - big eyes collection, and a Stitch x'mas stocking all from Disney. I also have small stitch figures which I got from Taiwan, one of those Japanese collection boxes. I don't have a lot of Stitches but I love them all! Especially the ones my friends gave me :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tamaya Ramen Restaurant

I usually only go to Daikokuya for ramen and never Ajisan. I've always driven by Tamaya on Las Tunas but never tried them. So recently, the weather's been strange and cold so a big bowl of soupy noodle is really what I crave. 

I'm adding Tamaya to my Ramen go to list. I went twice within a week because I wanted to try more before giving them the thumbs up. So this is what we tried: 

1. Mapo Ramen Set: Mapo Ramen + Small Katsudon

Can't remember the name... Ramen with seaweed, bamboo shoots, and chashu. I like their  ramen but the soup was too salty and there was only one slice of chashu. 
December Special (it was same as the November special!) - Miso... Ramen with a Spam roll

Katsudon - comes with salad and a miso soup. Katsudon is actually very good, that's why he ordered the regular size! 

I love corn and chashu (3 slices) but the soup was far too OILY! I had to scoop out the noodle and add some vinegar <-- actually taste nice with the vinegar. 

Spam rolls were okay.

Overall, I would rate this place 7 out of 10. This is like Island Burger where the burgers are not fast food quality but not enough to make me dance, so Tamaya is not like Ajisan but not really at Daikokuya. 
I will go back though, because I want to try their dumplings and fried rice... 
**They also have one in Rowland Heights

Wednesday, December 1, 2010