Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Thirsty

Why thirsty? I'm hungry but I go to Why thirsty. You say what? Why thirsty is a taiwanese restaurant that serves mainly boba drinks and rice and noodle dishes. Funny name, I have to admit. I was actually put off trying the place for its name. However, I sucked it up because I was hungry and there was a wait at Garden Cafe (in arcadia!?)

Yelp Why thirsty for details and you will not regret it.
Best taiwanese "train" style pork chop - juicy, flavorful, and loaded with lots of garlic!
Popcorn chicken that actually contains a large portion of chicken and not batter? Sign me up!
Rice dishes come with plenty of veggies (bok choy and corn).
Noodles - I prefer their lo mein - the dry kind with original sauce - tastes much like taiwan street style if you know what I mean.
I'm really there for the food. I can go there a couple of times a week and feel satisfied.

Their drinks? Assam Milk tea is what I get if I get a drink. Boba is actually meh - a little too soft. But, I like the fact that they use actual fresh milk (floats on top of tea and you mix).

Two thumbs up! (this is rare for me)

Kaisen Kaiten Sushi - Costa Mesa

I love salmon, marugo (tuna), and ono (white tuna) sashimi. I have to say salmon and ono are neck to neck. Salmon is just so rich in taste but ono practically melts in my mouth. I know, I know, toro beats them all but definitely not in my price range yet. Back to the melting sensation that goes on in my mouth as a pop a piece of ono, ah, rich, soft, fatty, fishy(in a good way) - mouth orgasm. My taste buds are practically partying with fireworks. There's really no words to describe the sensation I feel.

If you want to give your mouth a super orgy with sushi, then you have got to try Kaisen in Costa Mesa. Kaisen is a small train sushi restaurant and are always packed, so be prepared to wait for your seats! The best thing is that you seat/table has a number and you can fill out what sushi/sashimi/rolls you want and place it into a little container on the conveyor belt for the sushi chef to pick up. Voila, in a few minutes, your fresh order arrives on a round stand labeled with your number. So, no stealing your neighbors sushi!

The portions are generous and the prices even better. A salmon sushi/sashimi order is $1.75 and ono or marugo is $2.25. Each dish comes with two big pieces. Everyday there are different kinds of sushi/ handrolls (HR) specials. So, I went on thursday and had the lobster HR for $1.75 when it's usually like $2.75 or $3.25. It's a fantastic deal if you ask me.

The other day, I visited The Sakura in San Gabriel - also a train sushi and was extremely disappointed. Not only were they overpriced, the pieces were small and average in taste. No dancing taste buds there. Just to put it out there if anyone has been wanting to try the Sakura.