Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dumpling House in Arcadia

Today we got to try the Dumpling House in Arcadia. Everytime we pass by it's jam packed with people and today we got to cross it off our to try list. We walked in and typical asian waiters do not really greet you but point to a table. I didn't know where he was pointing to so I kind of just chose my seat. I didn't want to sit in the corner 2 persons table and since the store was half empty I thought we could get a four seater. But no, he SPOKE ! He said "that's for six people". Well geez sorry, I'll just squeeze myself into the corner.

We ordered the Sour cabbage and pork soup pot, vegetarian dumplings, xiao long bao (steamed dumplings?). The soup came first - tastes fine but lacks frozen tofu. The vegetarian dumplings came out second - BIG NO NO ! NO no no no no no, ew it's full of shredded carrots and I think pumpkin. The dumpling tasted sweet and mushy and NO. Feeling kind of sick from the carrot taste, I was really looking forward to the xiao long bao. It took another 10 minutes though. Took a bite and let the soup run into my spoon. Soup is good but not hot enough. Without even biting, I could tell the wrapping is too thick for the xiao long bao. The meat was tasty and it made up for the other dumpling.

Overall, we gave it a "B" because of the soup and dumplings. We'll be back maybe for some noodle and gyoza. Oh, they are kind of pricey too! All three costs us $19 before tips... that's why my dad says he'll never eat out at noodle stores because he can cook them at home and they taste better too. HAHA

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie, Not Bottega Veneta, is an Italian restaurant and gourmet market located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Yes, Sunday brunch was my first time and I was truly blown away by the food, service, and ambience. For the new year, I want to write less in my food posts since I'm horrible at remembering names of dishes, places, and prices... etc but I manage to rant on and on... so I'll try to stop that.

Photos are taken from my iPhone so quality is not so good.
I do remember the name of the food this time! I committed myself to remember the names because of the unforgettable tastes. The pizza is Burrata - I think it's the #1 pizza in my life thus far ... what can I say, proscuitto, garlic, cheesy... mmmmm heaven~
The salad is called Louie - not too bad but probably won't order it again. The bacon! What can I say, though not a bacon fan, this one got me hooked, just for this one. Apple smoked bacon, who knew would taste so well as grease oozes into my mouth aye? The sausages are Italian and honestly not that great and was rather bland as we put it that day...
Oh don't forget to save room for dessert! Definitely do the macarons and we also tried the cupcakes (good) and the black forest --> yummy yummy !

OK, i'll shush now...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Try Todai Today ~

Never been a big fan of Todai Buffet before and still not the greatest fan, but I went on Saturday for lunch and thought it improved somewhat. From previous experience, the sushi section was some what lacking of nigiri and sashimi despite the point of a Japanese buffet. However, on saturday, they had salmon and tuna sashimi as well as nigiri plus many different kinds of sushi rolls. Well, good on them for that but they took away the crepe section for desserts! Also, their desserts have not changed since the last time I went in 2005...

*The Todai I went to is located in Santa Anita Mall, Arcadia. Weekend Lunch is $17.95

My First Plate

His First Plate

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Too Faced Pixie Perfect Kit

One of the gifts I got for X'mas was the Too Faced Pixie Perfect Kit (Limited Edition). Thanks Judy! I just wanted to do a quick post on the contents. The kit comes with a cute light blue vinyl make up bag and inside is a travel sized lash injection mascara, travel sized shadow insurance, limited edition eye shadow quad and blush and bronzer duo, and a glamour gloss lip gloss in plush.

I've never used their mascara before but I have bought the shadow insurance awhile ago. I really like it because I think it does make a difference and keeps my eye shadow and liner from smudging or creasing.
The eye shadow I've tried and really like the colors - very practical neutral brown shades with some shimmer. I also tried the papa don't peach blush and think that it's a nice natural tone for day time. Both quad and duo comes in a compact case with mirror.  The lip gloss gives a glistening sheen without being too sticky!

Last I heard from Sephora they've sold out (like right after x'mas)... and since it's limited ed, they will not restock this... but they now have a new kit in store which is similar I think...
If you have an iPhone, dl the sephora app and you can get a free case! (While stocks last...)