Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cafe 18

Cafe 18 is a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant that serves "railroad" lunches. It's a tradition to serve pork chop or chicken drumstick rice in a round 2 compartment tin container. So, Cafe 18 uses these traditional serve ware to serve you lunch. However, since the portion would be far too little for the average American stomach, they serve the meat on a separate plate, leaving the side dishes on the top compartment and the rice on the bottom.  Still, I must admit, the portion is not as much as you would expect for $6.99.

Now, on to the food, the chicken is better than the pork. The side dishes change without notice - one time it was tofu, and the other time it was egg. Sausage is good but they slice the garlic awfully thick. I heard their drinks are a no no.

Presentation is a little .. meh