Wednesday, August 14, 2013

D&G Time Anchor Watch (DG0509) Black

I've been eyeing the D&G 0509 Anchor Watch in black leather forever!! I'm sure this is a way past season watch! But, it really reminds me of my cousin's Mont Blanc watch. Which is probably something I won't be able to afford in the near future! So, D&G it is! Thank you babe for getting this for my birthday.

I received the package today and immediately unboxed it. The lid is made of  thick white cardboard but the black box is actually made of a thin cardboard. So thin that it's floppy and easily squished. I was surprised by the choice of material they used. I've only had DKNY watches before and they all came in beautiful heavy card boxes or plastic cases. So, this D&G box seems rather cheap and I honestly thought it could be a fake. Anyways, there's an instructional booklet and a warranty note with the D&G hologram. The watch is kept on a velvet foam holder and in a faux leather pouch.

Let me get to the watch itself. The straps are black leather with a D&G engraved silver buckle. The face of the watch is mainly black and stainless steel with mineral crystals at each hour. There's also a unidirectional bezel. It's also 50 meters water resistance, but I'm not sure who would want to dive 50 meters with a leather watch?!

Overall, I love how it's a little masculine but also very smart looking for females!

What do you think?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Housewarming Present Idea

For Jessica's housewarming, I put together a little creative gift with baking tools. First, I wanted to look for a really cool cookie jar. I really liked this white cookie jar that says Cookies on it from Target, but the top is not removable, making it difficult to work with. So, I had to return it. I looked online and found a round glass jar with a top lid at Walmart. I decided to use this one even though the lid doesn't provide a airtight seal.

Inside the jar, I placed pink crinkle paper and I filled it with Kitchen Aid's spatula, measuring spoons, and whisk. I also went to the Disney Store and picked up Mickey's over gloves and cookie cutter set. I used clear cellophane to wrap the jar into a big bouquet and added a big purple bow for the finishing touch.

This is a fun housewarming gift for a friend who loves to bake or eat cookies! You can pretty much fill a jar with anything you like! Maybe even your homemade baked goods, candy, coffee, or kitchen tools. It just makes it fun to unwrap and dig out the contents.

Overall, this took about half and hour to assemble and topped off with a card. Quick and simple!