Sunday, June 30, 2013

Katana-ya, San Francisco

Katana-ya is a tiny japanese ramen/sushi restaurant located very close to the Union Square in San Francisco. During our SF trip, we stumbled upon this place while looking for dinner around 9pm. As we were quite hungry, we decided to just wait for a table instead of mindlessly walking around town. The wait was about half and hour for three since the tables were more suitable twos or fours. In fact, I think the whole restaurant only had about eight small tables plus a small bar area? It was just quite crowded.

On to the food, we had already decided what to order while we waited, so the food came quite quickly. We ordered gyoza, takoyaki, sunset roll, agedeshi tofu, regular ramen set with salmon sushi. I really enjoyed everything. Gyozas' filling were plump and juicy with a crispy touch. The size of takoyakis were also commendable - about the size of a golf ball with good amount of octopus. The agedashi tofu was good also, but nothing too spectacular. I really like the ramen broth, it was flavorful and not too salty. The ramen noodle was thicker than what I usually get in L.A but I like it because it feels like there's more to chew on? Not sure how to explain it but it's like how I prefer spaghetti over angel hair... Their sushi were also very fresh and yummy.

Aside from the tight space, the food is definitely good. I would rank it 8/10 for good food and price.