Thursday, December 27, 2012

M street kitchen - Venice

M Street kitchen serves contemporary American breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's located in Venice, CA and it's quite close to the beach. My friend and I visited on a Friday and it was moderately busy.

I am quite pleased with this restaurant. We tried the orange chocolate chip pancakes and the eggs Benedict. Both were amazingly delicious!! The best pan cakes I've ever had. Far better than those large floppy "fluffy" pancakes from diners like LeRoy's. Seriously, this is what they mean by fluffy! The eggs Benedict were also great! I think they are famous for their English muffins. So, a delicious eggs Benedict is expected. I love runny eggs, check. I love pan fried ham, check. I also love hollandaise sauce, check. Three checks are good enough for me!

This place is the real deal because they make macchiato the way it should be. Marked espresso. Thumbs up, again.

Definitely want to return but it's quite a drive from where I live.