Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bistro West, Carlsbad

Ok, so this has got to be the worst restaurant experience for me ever. I visited Bistro West last year in April after a day at legoland. I had a great scallop and wild mushroom pasta. Since it's almost a two hour drive, I haven't been back till last Friday. My friend was visiting from SF and had seen my photo from last year, so I decided to take her to the restaurant before we head down to San Diego.

So, we drove the almost two hour drive to bistro west. Eagerly, we sat down and I perused the menu for the pasta. It wasn't there. I saw papadelle with scallops and mushrooms and thought that must've been the dish I ordered. So decided on the large portion of papadelle and a Pear and Gorgonzola pizza for three people.

The pizza came first. It was fantastic!! Caramelized pear slices with prosciutto and spring mix on top of a crispy pizza base. The cheese was just the perfect amount too. I was getting excited for the pasta! But, Everything started to go down hill when the pasta dish arrived.

The large portion was more like a lunch size portion at the Cheesecake Factory. I realized it wasn't the same dish I ordered last year. But, we decided to eat it anyways. My friend took the first bite and her face fell. She said I should try it. Um, yah the he forgot to season this pasta! Bland as a piece of cardboard! We told our waitress marissa who explained how most dishes here are underseasoned and we are welcome to use salt and pepper. At least she took the dish back. I showed her the picture of the pasta I had last year and she went to show her manager who came by and announced coolly that it's been discontinued. Um I seriously drove two hours for that !!

We decided to get the vodka cream pasta instead. Let me cut to the chase, pasta was not al dente it wasn't even cooked. I couldn't twirl it around my fork, it was more like wire.

Again, we informed marissa and she said that we should just save room for dessert. She took the pasta away. We picked two desserts - trio chocolate and creme brûlée. They were Devine. Almost worth making the drive.

Going to end this post here with a word of advice. Visit this place if you are around legoland and try their desserts. I'm not a fan of how they have small and large pasta plates since the large is not particularly plentiful.

*side note. Marissa was kind and accommodating as a waitress but if I was her, I would've brought out dessert on the house or maybe free coffee.