Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is my first pair of wedges. I've never been a fan of wedges because I remember when I was around 13 I used to wear platforms and thought they were the coolest thing ever. Then I got older and I decided that people who are heavy/big on top should not wear platforms or wedges because it just looks ridiculously funny. Well who knew I'd buy a pair of wedges... but I did... they do look cute don't you think so?
Oh and thanks to tax return and DSW double points!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Too Faced - Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?

Shopping online is a dangerous thing to do. I was just "browsing" Too Faced's website looking at their kabuki brush and the next thing I know, there was a very tempting promo going on! Buy $50 and get a flatbuki brush free! Well I had to browse some more to reach $50. I was going to get the concealer (the one in the pot) but they ran out of my shade. So I chose the Shadow Insurance in Candlelight (I already use the original one).

The package arrived today and it was just so adorable! It's a pink box with Too Faced designed on it. I would've tore it open but it was just too cute. Wait till you see the inside - the products are laid perfectly on top of pink crinkled paper and it's just perfect (as shown in the photo).

I can't wait to try out the kabuki brush because it's so soft! The best part is it's retractable and ready to take on the go. I think the shadow insurance is nice on its own not just as a primer because it has some shimmer to it. So that's a good everyday thing to use.