Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quarter of a Century Old Celebrations!

I'm turning 25 on Tuesday! Since it's a weekday, I had pre-celebrations on Saturday night at home. I prepared some appetizers and ordered pizza, and of course - drinks!

Easy to prepare party food for groups of 10-15 people:
So I made little tomato with mozzarella balls sprinkled with salt, pepper, and basil flakes (no fresh basil).

Then I made this little puff pastry rolls with ham and another kind with pesto sauce. Easy to do - buy frozen puff pastry and thaw flat, spread some mustard+honey, and lay ham to cover pastry, roll from both sides so you get a heart shape stacked together, place in fridge if it's too soft to cut, cut into 1cm thick slices, egg yolk wash and parmesan cheese sprinkles on top and bake around 10-12 mins. This can be made the day before and reheat in oven before serving.

I also bought some party size meatballs and hummus dip with bagel chips.

I catered from Porto's Bakery - Potato Balls (50 count) and Chicken Empanadas (25 count). Also I got the Parisian Cake there.

Heating up pre-made and porto's food plus set up took around 45 minutes.

I ordered Pizza Hut ($10 large pizza deal) 20 minutes before the party starts.

For drinks: the specialty was "Fallen Angel" - Gin, creme de menthe, bitters, lemon juice, and a cherry garnish. I also put out Coke, 7Up, ginger ale, tonic, OJ, Jack Daniels, and Coconut Malibu.
Combos: Jack+Coke, OJ+Malibu+cherry, Gin+Tonic, Gin+OJ+7Up

We had a total of 16 people and there were still some drinks and pizza left over! I was a little worried about the drinks and food but luckily there were enough !!!

So thankful for my honey who helped clean up and entertain! Also, thankful for everyone who came and gave me lovely lovely presents!! 25th birthday is not so bad afterall!!

I'm really blessed!