Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beauty Bargaining! Tarte Haul

So I've been wanting to get some products from Tarte. Specifically the Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation and the Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse. I've tested them out at Sephora to find the correct shade. I was going to purchase them in store, but seriously the one I went to, I was pretty much ignored by all the sales associates. So, I went home, went through my Chase rewards mall and got extra 2% for my purchases at Sephora! (I swear I got 5% back for my last purchase...) I also have a 20% off code from So, I decided to browse around on both sites.
In the end, this is what I bought - from Sephora, I got the brow mousse and coral crush (Tarte's eye and cheek palette), and from, I ordered the fair-light honey foundation and the buffer (airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush). Online shopping is great, especially if there's free shipping and samples!!

They actually have a bamboo kabuki brush paired with the powder foundation, but I chose the buffer because it's more versatile and I can use it for other foundations. The brow mousse comes with a brush/spoolie, so that's nice!

Tarte offers free shipping at $40 and it's pretty quick, I got mine within 4 days of ordering by Fedex.
Sephora ships through UPS and VIB gets the 3 day shipping, so Sephora's arrived first.

I love the packaging of the coral crush palette. I picked this over the new palette because it has blush, highlighter, and bronzer, plus 6 eyeshadows. The palette in store has 8 shadows and one blush?

My first tarte product was actually the eyelash curler. I never really tried their product, but I got really curious after seeing Essiebutton's review on the whole brand. Plus, I've been wanting a foundation that doesn't require me using my fingers/hands. I'm that lazy, yes. This mineral like powder is perfect, I just dab my brush in and blend it over my face. No squeezing a tube or spilling foundation and no messy fingers! It will feel like you are not putting anything on your face and you might need to use more if you want more coverage, but I think as it settles and mixes the oils/primers on your face, it smooths itself out and it just looks like skin.

The buffer brush is nice and soft, nothing much to complain about as it holds the powder well and blends well.
The brow mousse is nice too, even though I have to use a brush and open the pot. I've tried pencils but just don't work with my brows. I use medium brown and it gives a subtle fill without making me look crazy.

The coral crush palette is adorable! There's a gold starfish on the cover and the colors are great. The blush and bronzer are really pigmented. I don't really like the shadows textures, it's not very fine and the sparkling ones get everywhere. The eye shadows are alright, you get three neutral colors (one being matte brown - which can probably be used on the brows) and one lilac and one light pink highlighter. The light colors look lovely on the palette but are really light and don't transfer well onto my skin. I really don't think I need another palette, but I thought if the colors work out, I'll use this as a traveling palette, I'm always lugging around a naked2, blush, bronzer, highlighter and they take up a lot of space. So if one stone can kill four separate products, sure why not... I'm sure I'll still end up bringing some other blush/eyeshadow. Ha.

Speaking of eyeshadows, I've been eyeing the Smashbox Full Exposure palette, it's sooo pretty! Definitely on my wish list.