Friday, March 21, 2014

Nano Titanium by BaByliss Pro - Ionic Dryer and ConiCurl

During my last trip to Vegas, we stayed at the Mirage Hotel and they had the Nano Titanium Hair Dryer by Babyliss in the bathroom. The first time I used the dryer, I thought it was amazing! It took less time to dry and hair is much smoother and straighter without even using a brush.

So, on my recent trip t oTJ Maxx, I found this Babyliss Pro gift set on clearance! It was $49.99 and includes the ionic dryer and a conicurl. It was such a good deal that I couldn't pass up. I only wish it was a plain black. I like leopard print but it's a bit too much on a hair dryer. Plus, it makes it difficult to see the power setting buttons. There's a cool button, a low, med, high heat button, and a low, med, high speed button. Overall, I'm really pleased with the dryer, it's light weight but sadly, the cord is not retractable! For a lazy person like me, that's kind of a must... Too bad, I'll have to take the extra time to coil the cord. 

As for the conicurl, I think it works well. The buttons are hard to see because they are so small and blend in to the leopard print. I also wish they provided a glove. I'm not so good with curling wands. 

This set is available on amazon still, for around $79.99