Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette

I've never noticed the Lorac Pro palette until recently... but I'm glad I did because I really really needed another palette! Actually, I almost got the Smashbox palette but after reading reviews and comparisons, I settled for the Lorac.

Honestly, I've never really been a big fan of Lorac. The only Lorac product I have is the trio baked eyeshadow thingy... which I got for my birthday a long while back. I think it was called starry lights or nights? I used to use it religiously because the colors were black, silver, and bronze... but the panda eye thing didn't work out too long. 

But this palette is different! I swear! It has 16 shadows inside a sleek black palette with magnetic closure. I think beauty companies are starting to think like cellphones; the thinner, the sleeker. Now I'm more tempted to travel with Lorac Pro then the Naked 2 or the boxy Clarins Essential. Smart, Lorac. 

Overall, a very versatile palette, there's several neutral matte browns, a few light pink/champagne highlighters, and a matte black, shimmery purple and slate. I think my favorite is the gold shadow. These shadows can be used wet or dry. I have noticed fallouts even after I've tapped my brush to get rid of any excess. Plus, I don't like how it gets the palette messy with little bits of shadow. I guess these are a bit chalky and probably best used with a damp brush.